Chris Bock: 12 Things I Love About Classic Cars

by | Nov 1, 2016 | 12 Things I Love About Classic Cars

Pebble Beach legend Chris Bock talks about his favorites... the sights and sounds and feel of the Classic Car experience

Chris (at left) with the late “J” Heumann at a Pebble Beach Concours press conference.

1. Driving big-engined Classics

with seemingly endless low speed torque.

2. The incredible quality, workmanship, and detail

of the original upholstery on closed bodies from the late 1920’s and 1930’s.

3. Driving early Packards with the ‘singing transmissions'

as they go through the lower gears….’30-’31 Packard 4-speeds are the best!
Photo courtesy of

4. The sound of a big Classic era motor

idling with the exhaust cutout open.

Editor’s note: This Mercer predates the Classic era. It introduces the engine cutout that races the hearts of appreciative Classic Car lovers everywhere with the Stutz Super Bearcat, the Duesenberg and the Packard speedster series, among others. Photo courtesy of

5. The use of beautiful interior woodwork

on top end Classics.

6. The universal appeal of Classics.

The ability of the Classics to start conversations with passersby, young and old, in almost any situation.

7. The “Barn Find."

Prying open a long closed garage or barn door to find a true Classic hidden inside! (Barn find recreation at the Mullin Automotive Museum.)

8. Navigating “Classic-era” roads.

Driving winding two lane country and mountain roads appropriate to the era of our cars.

9. Reading the original sales literature

and advertising from when our cars were new.

10. Watching old movies

and spotting significant classics, often from the old Pacific Auto Rentals fleet.

11. The lineage of Classic automobiles.

Tracing the history of a particular car back, sometimes, to the original purchaser.

12. Finally, THE PEOPLE...

The fellow collectors, authors, restorers and all those who I have met along the way.
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