An Original 1926 Lincoln Dietrich Club Roadster

by | Feb 16, 2017 | The Unseen Seen


An interview with the current owner, as told to The Classic Car Seen

I marvel that I own this car, it still amazes me that I am the caretaker of this grand original car. Raymond Dietrich had such an elegant hand in designing Classics, and this roadster is a perfect example: simple, clean lines and a lovely form. I had heard it was available back in Connecticut, so I travelled across the country to see it. I took one look at it and it said, “Rescue me.” I brought it home immediately, and I’ve had it for 38 years. I frequently come out here to my garage to admire it. I haven’t changed a thing, I only do what is needed to maintain it.

The leather is still in wonderful condition, look at the rumble seat. The rumble seat has leather pads that fold out — typical for the era — to create armrests for the passengers. Those are in terrific condition, too. Look at the workmanship on the fabric top —  it’s meticulous, the detailed stitching is so well done.

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